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12-12-2008. The birth of the first Record label created by musicians

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 12/12/2008

December 12th, 2008. Official news. The first releases with Miraloop sign, belonging to our 4 music worlds (our 4 independent record labels) are on sales, starting the discographic season 2008-2009. 

"My Winter Pets" by Click (Electronica | Glicth), "Alice" by Gerolamo Sacco (Pop | Italian), "Visual Evolution" by DNR (Visual | J Rock), Bluevox EP  by Bluevox (Pop | Easy Listening), Melodia-Selotenga by Elia Casetti Orchestra (Prog. House, Clubs), "Cube" by Andrea Portera with  Tokyo Philarmonic Orchestra (21st century Contemporary Classical, Diamonds). 

ANSA; the main italian press agency says "it's the first record label founded by musicians". We don't know it's the first but, for sure, Miraloop is the first record label ever able to work on so different music worlds like Prog House, Italian Pop and Contemporary Classical.

We wish fun to the listeners of today and tomorrow, celebrating together this little-great success. This is the beginning of something REALLY new. Mira, our character, will join us in this great adventure.
Have a nice time people! 



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