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Satisfied (The Club Mix) #29 Top 200 Electronica on iTunes

Data di pubblicazione 21/12/2018

The great return of Andy Fluon is celebrated by ranking the chart of iTunes / Apple Music at number 9 in the electronic genre. Andy, former of Bluvertigo together with Morgan, returns to the scene with Geo from Hell and Miraloop, a young record company in Bologna always attentive to the latest news and at the forefront of the independent scene: Miraloop Records releases two versions. The original version is published with Miraloop Records - Hearts, which, since 2009, has been offering innovative and unconventional electropop as a trademark. The remix version is instead published under Miraloop Records - Clubs, the EDM label of Miraloop. Satisfied sees Geo as producer and Andy on vocals and guitars: the song is a lethal loop, to listen to and listen to again.



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