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Rivit - Fasteners & Tools: Web Spot

Data di pubblicazione 10/04/2017

Created for Rivit company of Bologna, leader in the distribution of rivets and resale of industrial technology, this video is based on a succession of images that gives a global vision of how the company is structured: environment, organization, surface size, technology and what it offers. Made with an infographic animation, it organizes and graphically represents data and information, trying to connect functionality with aesthetics. Through the combination of images, words and numbers it offers the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of information communication. The background music is interconnected with the images, chosen and adapted to the video clip creates a musical pulse with the reference footage. The effect we wanted to create is simple, dynamic and immediate, filming a work mainly on the editing, using graphics and post production. Dynamic and colorful videos, full of elements with simple graphics designed to attract the attention of the viewer who can understand and assimilate the message explained in a few minutes. To inform the audience in an effective, innovative and intuitive way.



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