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Piano Dreamers, the social community dedicated to piano

Data di pubblicazione 02/10/2018

Like the keys of a piano where black and white perfectly fit together, many listeners that share love and passion for the piano are part of a community where they share thoughts, opinions gathered from the background of an instrument - a symbol that has made the history of music, from contemporary music to jazz, from soundtracks for images, to the classics that we all know: Debussy, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninoff up to the musical excursions of Michael Nyman and Wim Mertens. This is Piano Dreamers, a place where piano fans meet, talk, discuss, share thoughts and emotions. 

The community, which in 2 months has already reached more than 4600 subscribers, is linked to the page Miraloop Records - Diamonds, which with its radio program Cinematica began to invest in contemporary music a bit more pop, but that has always worked on "high music" since the release of Opera VI by Schoenberg. The record label has therefore strongly wanted this community in order to tell the work of the artists of the label, such as Leo Sestili and his work Tides with which inaugurated the most emotional side of piano music made in Miraloop. 

Piano Dreamers, will soon become playlists and compilations, keep an eye on the blog, and if love the legendary musical instrument, join the community!



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