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Virtual Studio Miraloop. Online stereo and multi-track mastering. Open to all. Label-independent.

Data di pubblicazione 29/04/2017

The Virtual Studio Miraloop opens on after having successfully completed the 3-month trial last year. It comes with two products already tested and sold in 2016 – mastering online and multi-track studio mixing. This project, apart from being called to life in order to give producers a future possibility to upload and download directly with the Producers’ Area (you’ll see marvels!), serves primarily to shed light on the recording studio which in the last two seasons has appeared in more than 25 national and international charts, but also, for encouraging artist, also those foreign to the Miraloop world, to experience our multimedial creativity.

As the recording labels of Miraloop are artistic projects under master license, the virtual studio is completely independent from any label, and its aim is to give the possibility of direct work on the records which have already established their recording or editorial placement, but at the same time are interested in the innovative sound of Miraloop. Basically, the studio is open to everybody, with no selection.

The analog and the digital are combined while working on the masters and multi-track mixes in an unique and efficient way, in order to obtain the best sounding product. The check of “more ears” is carried out – ears capable of setting the right parameters to any music genre in accordance to the frequency of the track (if you have any respect for your music stay away from the automatic software), reaching the commercial range necessary for the international widespread of your music. Using the online studio allows you to pay for the service and upload your tracks with just a few clicks, having the entire work done in two working days. Don’t believe it? Just try it!




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