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"Odissea 84" by Francesco Malaguti #1 and #7 on iTunes

Data di pubblicazione 03/08/2020

This work arises from a question: what if we had had the Odyssey during the '80s? Well, we know that this may look like a completely senseless and unconceivable question, but Francesco made it possible. In fact, his work is a 4 songs suite dedicated to the Mediterranean sea with four different points of view. It starts with the epic sea of Ulysses, the sea of "regaz" (dialectal word used in Bolognat meaning "guys"), the sea of Ibiza's sunsets and the sea of migrant's routes, all united in Francesco's journey, equipped only with his electric guitar and drum machines. A small album overstepping and crushing any commercial rule to build a unique recording record in the rock-pop indie scene, in collaboration with Gliese Imai, EMGY, Sir Jane, the actor Leonardo Bianconi and his producer Gerolamo Sacco. The result is that every song represents a meeting between different themes and artistic inspirations. 

Therefore, it is impossible for us not to congratulate Francesco Malagusti and his Odissea 84 on reaching, right after his debut, two placements on iTunes Apple Music Top 200 by gaining the first place in the Alternative section and the seventh in All Genres. 

Number #1 album on Top 200 Alternative 

Number #7 album on Top 200 All Genres 

If you haven't yet, go and discover the Ulysses in you! 

Stream and download the album here!!!



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