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Miraloop with Weber Shandwick: You&Overland campaign

Data di pubblicazione 08/09/2018

Miraloop For Brands together with Weber Shandwick curates the campaign You And Overland, a photo contest in which viewers of the television program broadcast on Rai1 that has as its theme shots of trips to South East Asia (countries at stake: Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand). The photographs, which were selected by Miraloop, showed different sides of these territories. The colours, the characters, the moments collected by the campaign showed a very high level both from the point of view of the human eye and from the technical side. We wanted to reward in particular those who, among those who had a good technical photographic level, those who were able to better portray these places beyond the classical commercial and advertising stereotypes, highlighting hidden sides but also rare and precious moments of daily life. The competition took place on the occasion of Overland 17, the seventeenth season of the TV programme, and the RunTheLand partnership between Visirun and the travel and TV production company Overland.

We show you the shots selected by the staff and we thank the authors, in no particular order: Veronica Orsenigo, Priscilla Grossi, Michele Ali, Veronica Ruggeri, Sara Banchieri, Giusy Bergese, Fabio Mauro, Enzo Mistretta, Cristiano Zingale, Caterina Germani, Alberto Mercurio, Giacomo Dusina, Giancarlo Barsotti.

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