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Miraloop: the new headquarters on via Stalingrado in Bologna

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 27/01/2016

The works on the new Miraloop headquarters have just finished. A long relocation consisting of moving all the needed materials, construction of a new office, and the closure of the building site took four long months. The new space is 250 square meters, has two floors with an entrance, a small hall dedicated to the discographic labels, a production studio, a recording room, a green screen room, a marketing and communication office, a co-working space which will be given to a web specializing company for strategic reasons, a very vintage main office, a relax parlor, and a small bar. This new place from now on will be the home to everyone working in Miraloop, and it’ll serve the purpose of expanding our small-big world, at the same time providing a pleasant environment to everyone working with us. The new headquarters is easy to reach: we’re in the centre of Dozza neighborhood, famous in Bologna for its Parco Nord, a sportive centre, and the Estragon arena.

Miraloop’s building will be constantly evolving in the next months and years, in order to become a perfect place for work and creativity. We have big dreams with this company. Help us grow with your curiosity ?



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