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Miraloop in the book about Bologna by Maria Grazia Perugini

Data di pubblicazione 19/02/2018

We learn from a friend just out of a famous bookshop in Bologna a pleasant news for the whole company and the music scene we represent. Miraloop is mentioned in "È facile vivere bene a Bologna se sai come farlo" local bestseller by Maria Grazia Perugini. The author tells about the city and its nuances and starts with a whole chapter dedicated to music. She obviously quotes the most famous artists from Bologna that we all know, from Lucio Dalla to Guccini, from Carboni to Freak Antoni with a cultural and artistic imprint more than commercial to end, after several excursus, anecdotes and curiosities with a panorama of the current Bolognese scene. And it's in the section about the current music scene that we found Miraloop mentioned, last in chronological order, almost to represent the present, or tomorrow of music in Bologna ... we do not mind the idea at all!

"These last and enterprising realities should not make us forget other historical independent labels still active in Bologna, such as Irma Records, which since the end of the eighties has promoted almost all the Italian acid jazz, funky and bossa Brasil jazz... or Miraloop, a very pragmatic structure, branched out into four different independent and thematic labels, from classical to electronic, in partnership with Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna for internships and research projects...." 

So we take this opportunity to thank the author Maria Grazia Perugini and ... all those who are starting to talk about us!



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