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Miraloop Hearts creates Insex, the new band of Gerolamo and Mantis

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 28/01/2010

Bologna, January 2009. After the success of Mantis Le Sin in his previous band, DNR, Gerolamo Sacco decides to continue the collaboration with this artist and make his new project come true, accepting the decision of Mantis to form a line-up of his best friends with the desire to counter what he calls a "musical office businnes". And to do so with irony, skill, irreverence. MantiS specifies: "Ca**o, now the bands seem to consist of good-looking employees launched on the stage of the canteen at break time. All too much tied to the rules of music businnes. Now I want to have fun. Having fun always works, making a success doesn't. And having fun is already a success. Five different characters, each from a different musical world, each representing an animal, more or less likeable: Insex is born. InSex, maliciously, stands for "insects". Here is the formation. Domenico Curigliano aka MantiS Le Sin: voice, the religious mantis. Alessandro "Alex" Torchia: drums, spider, old school metal. Vito Napoletano aka Vigos: guitar, scorpion, indie rock personality. Riccardo "Savage" Pungetti: bass, beetle, dark vampiric. He will give life to the Gerolamo Sacco project: dragonfly, his own style, dandy. Former producer of the DNR of MantiS, he remains at his usual position at the mixer in the studio but this time he will also go on stage to play on the front line. The InSex come with a first single called "InSex me..." which contains two tracks: Pray me and Come to me. The genre? It's a particular alchemy of styles, sometimes experimental, original. Maybe too immature to have an identifying name, but we are sure that you will choose the one that best suits the style Insex.

This night of January 28th we will be online at, on and on all social networks!

“InSide, InSane… InSex!”



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