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Miraloop for Brands is born

Data di pubblicazione 08/11/2018


Imagine creative people, at the end of the 2000's, realizing that the more the world becomes automated, the more creativity becomes precious. Imagine four record labels leading to national and international rankings of projects and artists not known to the general public. Without money, but with the power of images and sounds.

In the midst of a systemic crisis, endless competition and a market without direct demand, imagine that this creativity is noticed by professionals from other competitive sectors who understand how a craft approach in a mechanical world can make a difference.

If you could imagine all this, you imagined something that could be done, because we told you a part of our story. Now focus even for a moment on your vision. Close your eyes and think about how many things we could not only create, but also tell and spread. An advertisement, a record, a personal branding campaign, an animated logo, your personalized perfume line, new customers, a video capable of telling your story. On the web and off the web, on television or in the streets of your city, and with the visions that you change the world.

Among the companies and brands that have already chosen Miraloop there are those who have seen their world radically transform. With results out of the ordinary. This is how Miraloop for Brands, the part of Miraloop dedicated to multimedia work for companies, individuals and brands, was born. An entire website is part of the portal dedicated to business to business.

The site was created to tell some of the work done in recent months and has been enriched with the narratives of the blog dividing the various articles into thematic areas through the use of RSS feeds. Photography, illustration, design and much more. Miraloop for Brands has three menu items: the portfolio section, currently divided into nine operational sections, and two service sites: Elyca by Miraloop, the communication agency, and Turbo by Miraloop, dedicated to advertising. The Elyca and Turbo services, inaugurated with the IT support of, partner of the whole project for Brands. A power in multimedia, communication and marketing.



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