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Miraloop diary, October 27th 2012

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 27/10/2012

When Miraloop was born, in the 2008-2009, Facebook had just started to tour in Europe, Google+ didn't exist yet, Youtube didn't belong to Google and it had just been invented: nobody used it. Myspace was the novelty, it was a revolutionary way to become an artist even before going through any independent record label or not. Before Myspace, without a record label, you were nothing, with Myspace instead you could have your own site and spread music to an unlimited audience. Yes, because if you put music from an Italian site you had to (still) give a thousand thousand of euros to "Siae", with Myspace instead you could do it at the sole cost of internet bandwidth. Napster had been destroyed, but the market for records had already collapsed, Beatport had existed for 4 years and Itunes just a little more. There were no services that would send anyone on Itunes for a fee, after all it was not clear if we were still in time for "the return of vinyl" or traveling towards the absolute end of the music on sale. We didn't care about all these calculations. In 3 years myspace has already died, on sale there goes who wants with ten dollars, digital music has risen by 900%, and in the meantime Mario the Musician is convinced that he could have become Michael Jackson if only he had "a promotion". During our first season 2008-9 if you weren't big you couldn't sign with a collector, today collectors are running after dads who want to put birthday greetings sung to their daughter for sale on iTunes. You who are reading us now will ask yourself: and the trick where is it? That is, how do you work, build a project, in these conditions? Well, the first trick is that we created our own music. Ours is a project that, as much as a business as others may seem, is first and foremost an artistic project. Miraloop Hearts, Miraloop's pop rock label, recognizes it from the first three notes of a record. Then it's true, some collaborators in the past took us for an elitist distribution service, others for a springboard to the majors with our productions competing with us from within, still others took advantage of the typical generosity of the beginners, after all we only did 3 years of music. But even this, dear friends, has nothing to do with the story of an artistic journey. Every person has seen Miraloop exactly as he could, everyone still sees Miraloop as he wants to see it. Music, however, you can not see that as you want, the music goes beyond personal tastes, is a vast path, which is the culture of man. And with the world of music we are only the part of a company of actors who enjoy carrying around a different show than usual. Just at the moment when historically anyone became an actor, and realized that from now on he could have his say, and then show us shows that hide the same meaning and the same sounds behind different titles. In the race to become better known by doing what everyone already does. A sport, in practice. Everyone does the same thing, and whoever does it with more investments, which then in turn are able to attract other investments, wins. This is the world of music that we have seen come out of the early years of the history of the web. Well, let us stay out of this race, because we're already making another one. :)



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