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Miraloop Diamonds & Fontanamix Ensemble

Data di pubblicazione 16/03/2009

Bologna, March 16th 2009. The first collaboration between Miraloop and the Fontanamix Ensemble is coming soon. Thanks to the Fontanamix Ensemble ( Tau IV by Andrea Sarto and Ordalia della Danza by Paolo Ingrosso, performed on March 10, 2009 in the Aula Absidale Santa Lucia in Bologna will be published by Miraloop under the Diamonds series in the summer of 2009. Our thanks go to the artistic directors of Fontanamix Francesco La Licata and Paolo Aralla, to the conductor Mino marani and to the musicians Lavinia Guillari, Marco Ignoti, Violetta Mesoraca, Sabino Monterisi, Enrico Bernardi, Jo Marie Sison, Chie Yoshida, Viola Mattion and Emiliano Amadori who performed Tau and Ordalia Della Danza.



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