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Miraloop creates the Visirun Sound Logo

Data di pubblicazione 19/05/2016

Sound and marketing are two dimensions that apparently move in the opposite way: the first concerns a world where musical notes, melodies and human voices draw memories, movements, sensations; the second concerns the economic sphere. What unites these two dimensions refers to the use of music within strategic choices in advertising: this is what we call today Sound Logo; a discipline based on brand identity with the intention of playing an effective role of memory once the "half minute" has passed. Visirun's logo is distinguished by its honey yellow honey face next to its payoff and the associated sound we can consider it as a sound accessory in order to create a better brand experience, such as to involve the consumer emotionally. Miraloop For Brands chooses to create the Sound Logo where sound is a distinctive feature and reinforces the value of the brand in a strategic and creative way.

And you, have you already created your own Sound Design?



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