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Miraloop Clubs will include the sublabel Underground Area for D'n'B

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 29/02/2012

Underground Area, a popular association in Bologna as an organization in the field of live thanks to the parties of the historic LINK dedicated to drum'n'bass, is a reality known in the field of live and booking: around it orbit several DJs but also real producers and Mc. Miraloop, and in particular Miraloop Clubs managed by Michel Lavie, will dedicate itself to the record launch of this reality, whose Underground Area brand will become not only a project but the sixth label in the orbit of Miraloop Clubs, the EDM brand of Miraloop.

Within Underground Area will be inaugurated several music projects and artists, including Kombot, Bonnot,

The association will debut in Miraloop with a special compilation where several producers, from Bologna but not only, will be reunited in the only verb of the Italian drum'n'bass. The musical idea behind the Miraloop Underground Area project is the union of d&b, a famously English homeland scene, with the use of the Italian language. Behind this new sound, two characters stand out in particular, Ferro and Mc Def, friends in life and work.



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