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Miraloop Clubs opens a fifth division to the project Geo From Hell: Hell's Records

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 05/02/2012

Miraloop Clubs, which currently has 4 sub-labels to its credit, will inaugurate a new division dedicated entirely to Geo From Hell's project "Hell's records". The project will serve exclusively to propose the sound of Geo through various singles and then, who knows, an album. The idea, which stems from the need not to mix the sound of Geo with other realities currently present (Queen of Clubs, dedicated to trance, Jack of Clubs, dedicated to progressive house, 10 of Clubs, dedicated to Psytrance and King of Clubs dedicated to electro-house), but to propose it as a real genre of music, goes with the editorial line of Miraloop Clubs which, at the moment, is not just one label, but 5, each located in stores distinctly from the other. Given the impossibility for today's market to accept a single EDM reality that can place various genres, it seems to us the best solution. King of Clubs will remain managed by Michel Lavie and Hell's Records will follow an experimental marketing program.

Geo From Hell is the stagecraft of Andrea Georgiou, incredible DJ capable of both trick and know how to conquer any track working on any musical genre, so as to deserve a place at Tomorrowland in 2011. This rare photo was taken at Tomorrowland and was published on Andrea's facebook page:



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