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Miraloop Clubs 2.0: a debutante on Beatport and Traxsource

Data di pubblicazione 09/05/2014

Those of you who follow our story attentively will likely know that in order to debut on Beatport and in “dance oriented stores” (stores which sell dance music specifically), Miraloop had to split into few labels. It was in 2011, after having started as a multi-genre EDM label in 2009, that it had to split into 4, and later into 6 much more defined sub-labels to reach the Olympus of the most important stores. The great news is, that after having started the registration procedure for the third time, after diverse chart classifications in Italy and abroad, we’re bringing Clubs to the dance music market on our own terms, free from the genre and style conditioning.

We hoped to contribute to the renaissance of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), which moved the forsaken dance forward to become one of the top players on the global market, but we haven’t done so for various reasons. Now it’s time to restart the engines: and Miraloop Clubs is a “debutante with a history”.

The unique Miraloop Clubs 2.0 will debut with Redemption by Kenan, our dancer-population tested and approved project. We’re taking-off!



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