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Miraloop and Made In Etaly partnership for the distribution of Miraloop Records

Di Niccolò Sacco
Data di pubblicazione 14/11/2008

Miraloop starts now to collaborate with Made in Etaly. The strongest Italian aggregator of digital music, based in Milan, has joined the project Miraloop after a meeting between Gerolamo and Niccolò Sacco, Michele Casetti, Max Moroldo, Marta Lovaglio and Paola Catò in Milan. In the project of Made in Etaly there will be above all the desire to enhance the possibility of Miraloop to contain, with 4 labels, all possible genres of music. Made in Etaly and Miraloop will start selling music between the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, starting immediately with about 40 releases. Diamonds is the reference label for classical and contemporary music, Spades is the reference label for electronics, deep and idm, Clubs is the reference label for the dance world with particular attention to house, techno and electro, and Hearts will launch its project of electric-futurist pop with landscapes of the '60s mixed with J-Rock and Italian music. The challenge begins!



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