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Miraloop among the first Google partners to monetize Youtube video

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 09/02/2011

Miraloop becomes a Youtube partner with 4 channels. In the agreement there will be the partnership operation between Youtube and the 4 channels of the independent record labels Miraloop (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades) for the monetization of the plays. Miraloop has made this choice in advance: it is in fact one of the first labels together with Do It Yourself, X-Energy and Universal Music to associate channels in partnership with Youtube. This is thanks to the partnership with Made in Etaly, which, in fact, is the first Italian aggregator to have signed a monetization agreement of content with the giant U.S.. We believe that in 2 years Youtube will become the privileged channel for listening to music and therefore we are proud to be, if not the first, among the first. Why are we convinced of this? Simple: Youtube offers free access to music, a bit like the new so-called streaming platforms (Spotify, Napster, EMusic) but with the advantage of not having to subscribe to monthly or weekly subscriptions (see Napster) or with limitations on mobile (see Spotify). During this year 2011 the music market on the mobile platform, i.e. on the phone, has grown exponentially, and we don't think there will be a stop in the next few years. This market trend will make systems like Youtube absolutely privileged to spread music from and around the globe. Our challenges with Youtube, on the other hand, will be two. The first will be to enter, with few means available, in a market where the condition is that of the generalist TV, where therefore those looking for music will be a very low percentage compared to those looking for other, so the difference between the small independent record companies like ours and the big ones will be felt, at least in terms of "views" that are counted and displayed on Youtube. Which didn't happen with the now deceased (can we already say that?) Myspace, a real generator of market niches. The second challenge will be to build, in the coming years, a system of video players that can allow us to produce pleasant multimedia content without entering into the constant logic of video clips, in fact, for a house like ours that in 3 seasons has already put on the market more than 300 songs. See you on Youtube with our channels Miraloop Hearts, Miraloop Clubs, Miraloop Spades and Miraloop Diamonds: have fun!

In this picture Youtube, the layout of 2008:



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