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Hiro Barber Shop, a barber shop from Milan & Miraloop. A Case Study

Data di pubblicazione 21/12/2015


Professionals become artists – Hiro Barber Shop 2014-2015. We wanna briefly talk about the results of a marketing campaign on the wave of a trend, the male beauty & wellness, that brought impressive results in just one year. 

In 2014, Hiro Barber Shop, the famous barber of Milan, hires Miraloop for the brand implementation of barbershop products inspired by Miraloop Hearts pop esthetics. At the same time, it is also entrusting important strategic marketing work starting with the use of social networks, including Facebook. The relaunch of Hiro Barber Shop, riding the trend of male aesthetics of vintage/old school references, has literally marked a page in the narrative of fashion in Italy. We needed this, not only for the launch of the Barber Mind product line from the point of view of credibility, but also for the positioning of the barber shop itself, which would act as a sales springboard for the products.

The result was, in a year and a half, the opening of a brand with around 100 retailers in 21 countries, as well as a marketing campaign, led by Alberto di Mase, which exploited 100% of the potential of the Hiro brand/character. Working precisely on the barber effect, with the well-known "barberized" payoff that has been copied by colleagues, and on the Hiro character at the level of personal branding, only on Facebook the result was an increase in organic registrations from 560 (July 2014) to 96,000 (April 2015): 8 months of campaign.

As proof of the story we are telling you, there was the promotional award ceremony for media and high-end companies. Just in 2015 the famous barbershop will be awarded with two Vodafone commercials starring Fabio Volo in the part of Hiro, bringing the already high engagement for the reference sector to a national love-brand level.




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