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Mantis and Miraloop out of DNR project

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 27/06/2009

Mantis le Sin will leave DNR after many problems with the rest of the band. Miraloop hearts, after the launch of DNR project only in one year (since nothing to third Europe visual band), decides to support Mantis le Sin’s new idea of creating a new musical project with his voice and Gerolamo Sacco’s music ideas. This choice, due also to the friendship between “the wizard” (as someone calls Gerolamo, head producer in Miraloop) and “the Mantis”, unluckily will create a breakout with DNR. DNR, in fact, band with label’s vocation, have declared they really don’t like a partnership between G and Mantis, and more the organizer Harris Ghouse, choosen by Miraloop as concert organizer for East Europe, nowadays upgraded as main manager of the band by Kira & Co, is writing long letters trying to avoid this cooperation. The band, since the times of “Visual Evolution Reloaded” music production (aVisual Evo Reloaded is a second ep containing the same songs of the first ep remastered plus two new songs and a new remix), was not happy about team game between the singer and the producer. So, for Miraloop, the way of creating a new project with Mantis and without DNR is unevitable. Since this summer, after releasing Visual Evolution Reloaded, DNR will go on thanks to the already active fusion with Cibema Bizarre’s world. Hearts, sure to have done a great job, wishes luck to all DNR guys. 

We'll close the statement with an italian song from Luca Carboni dedicated to the dissoution of the bands. I don't know if you understand but if, it will be very funny. LOL  



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