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Look Beyond, the Evolution of Dub (Vol.1), Miraloop Spades

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 18/02/2015


Look Beyond is an exclusive compilation which leaves its mark on the evolution between electronic and dub music, with an experimental and danceable tone. 16 tracks, made and selected especially to make fans and DJs who are passionate about down beat go crazy with a dub that’s changing with every piece. Sometimes powerful, sometimes glitch, hypnotizing, original, but… never exceeding 108 bpm. There’s a lot to say about Look Beyond, but firstly, let’s take a step back.

We’re at the beginning of 2015: last year we started publishing a campaign made of photos on social media. The images were evocative and “of nature”, associated to a hashtag giving them a modern, current, humane, and unusual title. If an image had a clear and evident representation, the hashtag was always proposing something different. So the picture of a cave became a social network, the one of a peacock an advertising spot, the one of rotation of stars a clock. Told with images, this is our world of “looking beyond” : reinterpreted.


Between the images published on Facebook and Google+, Miraloop and other participating producer’s studios did the same kind of operation, but with music. They were reinterpreting dub and reggae’s influences, today already consecrated also by pop stars, mixing it with something more visceral and profound coming from electronic music. Something antique, but at the same time modern and futuristic. After a spring of experimenting with sounds, in the summer Miraloop will reach the 61st place in reggae-dub classification on Beatport with “Find a Place”, and before Christmas the very 1st place in the same section, this time with “Remind”.


Dub is not today’s invention, it was born many years ago, at the end of the ‘60s. It owes its name to instrumental dubbing, that is the practice of publishing rhythm versions of the reggae 45s on the side B; this practice soon gave birth to an autonomous style, mostly thanks to the producers’ experimental approach. These new versions were called „dub versions” of the originals. Many singles sold in Jamaica from the 1967 included the dub version on side B in addition to the original on side A.

Look Beyond includes dub in its original sense (instrumental versions of songs) as well as the music born from it. While composing and selecting the tracks, we had to completely „overturn” some of the productions, not only creating their instrumental versions, but also revolutionizing their original message.

Now, we’d like to wish you a good listening. If you’re reading it before the March 23, 2015, run to your favourite music store, wear the headphones, and…make place for Look Beyond in your soundtracks of 2015.

That’s the fantastic cover by Nicco Sacco for Miraloop Spades:



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