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Let us introduce you to Mira, Miraloop's mascot designed by Niccolò Sacco

Data di pubblicazione 21/12/2007

Dear friends from the dreamworld, say hello to Mira, the transmundane, fantastic figure that’s going to be our mascot, starting now. It’s inspired by the Japanese dolls and by the Italian design in its form, and reproduces the hi-tech placement in the creative world of multimedia, particularly the reproducible “arts” that today are not considered to be truly valuable, and which are Miraloop’s main interest. What are we talking about? Music production, which isn’t considered art as it cannot be written down on a music score. Also design - the little brother of sculpture, but linked to industry and so again not considered as a pure “artistic” expression. The artwork for commercials, labeled as “functional” by art philosophers.. and so on. Our mascot isn’t from this Earth, but it reminds us of new arts and new forms of expression in our world, and it’ll keep us company during this long, long journey. Hi there, Mira! ????

The logo will be a synthesis of Mira’s character, here you see her first version.



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