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Leo Sestili - Tides: the series 'Gramophone' realized in motion graphic for the LP

Data di pubblicazione 24/10/2016

Close your eyes and put your headphones on: Miraloop diamonds presents Leo Sestili with his new album Tides.

The young Italian composer tells in an entire album the breath of emotions and sensations with the notes of a piano. A depth that crosses the thousand shades of the breath of the sea, touching the colors of a summer sunset, the waves on the rocks, a dance on a beach in the early morning. Tides, a masterpiece that recalls the style of Ludovico Einaudi, Michael Nyman and Wim Mertens, starts a new path in classical piano music of the 21st century.

For Tides Miraloop has created an original series made in computer graphics where the modern and futuristic version of an old gramophone emits sound impulses behind a window. This visual narration is the continuum of the whole album (twelve music tracks), but for each track a different background has been created. The view from the window is always different, giving the listener the feeling of being motionless in a world that, track by track, is constantly changing.  

From Premises to Moon, the whole disc traces the musical sensations and emotions through the scenarios of this magical window. We wanted to tell this artistic dimension using cinematic tricks to transform the photographs into videos. The loop of the girl's dance, the effect of motion playing on the waves of the sea, the clouds in the sky: everything moves even if in reality it is motionless, like the listener behind the window.

We greet you by sharing the photo gallery of illustrations made for each player, to share and re-share!



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