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Laigor feat. Virginia - Chances: the official video

Data di pubblicazione 05/11/2018


November 5, 2018. The official video of Chances, the third single by Laigor and Virginia, is released. The duo had started to collaborate with Destination, the first single markedly summery in 2017 that told of luggage to pack in a hurry to a new destination. So, after Stories at Midnight, Chances, the third single, also develops on the theme of departure. Told by Miraloop with a video clip, it speaks of a casual encounter, a moment that changes the lives of the two protagonists who move in parallel until that fateful decision in front of the doors of the train. At that moment the teenagers decide not to get on the train that would have brought them to their destination, a destination that will not happen, leaving the protagonists to find each other, know each other and enjoy each other in an unexpected way. A simple story shot exclusively in Bologna in an autumn setting, underground and at the same time modern, where emotions are at the center of everything: a game of looks, colors, movements and smiles. To be watched again and again.

The video, made by using different techniques, shows a series of images that characterize the moment of storytelling stuck to those scenes where it is evoked the background of the album cover that puts the faces of the protagonists in the foreground. On the basis of the same colours and effects, we wanted to recreate on the same background a visual communication that shows the protagonists moving, as if they were coming to life from their own record cover.




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