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Inside Insane Insex, the album Insex, comes out, but the band is divided

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 10/10/2011

Insex are 5, in the album produced by Miraloop Hearts "in toto" (from the project to all the music), but from the release of the album onwards Insex will be 4 and out of the world of the label that created and launched the brand in a single year and a half of work. There will be no more collaborations between the label and the band, considering that the main producer of the label, Gerolamo, founding member of Insex but also the mind of the project, and leaves for "different professional and personal reasons" as stated last June 29, but the album "Insane Inside Insex" will still be released on November 7, 2011 by Miraloop Hearts with a beautiful cover taken from the photo shoot 2011 by Mario LaFortezza and "give" the project to his old friend Mantis. Praiseworthy that Gerolamo is closing, alone in the studio, the album of the former band as producer of the label. A proof of extreme professionalism that we do not envy him.

It seems almost, seen from the outside, that behind the friendship between Domenico "Mantis" Curigliano and Gerolamo Sacco born at the end of the adventure with DNR (in DNR Mantis was the singer and Gerolamo the artistic producer of DNR) there was the need for Mantis to have a band, and an album, because after creating from scratch a project that is up to 40.000 listenings and several thousand social subscriptions in just over a year, something suddenly breaks down, just as the band is at its peak of popularity. We didn't gather much information about it, but we were intrigued.

Surely Gerolamo's idea to leave the project created by Miraloop in Mantis is also praiseworthy, because Miraloop owns and will hold all the rights to both music and merchandising, so he could have even closed it. We have little news about why and how...surely something broke down from the success of Gerolandia Express, the podcast of Gerolamo Sacco that in spring 2011 made known to the world the level of creative productivity of the 31-year-old Gerolamo (with 58 unpublished presented in a single season, 12 episodes and 600 minutes of music, more than 3000 listeners), and in which Mantis was the voice narrator: Mantis would in fact during the season of G. Express.Express would have "changed mood", starting to say to his colleague "I would like you to devote yourself only to the Insex project" Gerolamo, in reply. First Johnny Pill supports him starting from chapter 10, then he dies killed by some aliens in the intro of chapter 12. lol. This request was not accepted by Mr Dragonfly also because, as demonstrated by the breakup, Insex's problem was certainly not the plurality of the projects, since the other three members of the band have, in total, 5 bands, minor but active (Artifex/Neronova/OldMan'sCellar/Cariòn) to which are added the cover bands.

To this we would add some actions that would have compromised the balance of the band, some fans have in fact reported that some girlfriends of the band did not like the relationship of Gerolamo with the girls who followed Insex: they were afraid to lose their boyfriends. Gerolamo according to rumors would have brought to dinner and around the city the Russian fan club while the girlfriends of some insects would have required "no relationship between musicians and female fans. This is pure gossip But the reality is probably this.

What will happen in the future? In our opinion a temporary turnover, investments to reconstitute the project and make at least one single/video, after which the band will close its doors, since without Miraloop the project is not sustainable at low cost. If a new single arrives after the album it will surely be completely different and very expensive. After that the band will close in the meantime, the Insane Inside Insex tour announced by Mantis will take place with the bases of the record in playback, since it would not be enough to bring back on stage a single keyboard the atmosphere of Inside Insane Insex. And it will be like that for quite a while, at least until they play those songs as they were conceived. Insane Inside Insex, despite the story that leaves questions, or perhaps because of this story, is a collector's album.

Beyond the beauty of the songs, halfway between the trash/fun and the fantastic (try to guess which are the lyrics of Mantis and Gerolamo, as a game), it also has something magical in the sounds and arrangements. We invite you to listen to it and buy it because it is a unique work and now also a collector's item.



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