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Insex New LineUp

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 24/12/2010

Bologna, December 25, 2010

#Hearts by Miraloop wishes you a Merry Christmas presenting the new Insex Line Up, their official website created by Miraloop, the new single “Wonderful” written by Gerolamo “the dragonfly”, and a surprise for all the fans, a free download of the cover of “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” written by Elvis Presley. Insex are now the top band of Miraloop ♥ Hearts since they was born less than an year ago, preparing their first album. It’s an automatic link, the one between Insex and the 50′s music: Insex, rock and dance influences like in the 50′s, when rock’n’roll was born. Elvis’ cover will be a extraordinary mix of all these influences. Since 2011, preparing “Insane Inside Insex” (september 2011) you will see the performances by Mantis Le Sin (voice) and Gerolamo Sacco (mind) together with Vigos’ hard guitar, Antonio Olivo’s bass guitar and Vidua’s drums. Vidua, stage name for Andrea Fedrezzoni, is one of the most popular hard rock drummers of the North East of Italy. While we are writing on the first single Insex Me had reached 30.000 plays, a success that bring Insex among the first indie bands of Italian scene…together with some big ones. :) Miraloop ♥ Hearts wishes to the guys a great 2011!



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