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Infographic and history: 4 mini-videos from the "Villaggio" #history series

Data di pubblicazione 13/02/2018

We show you a campaign carried out by Elyca during the last two months of work on the brand Villaggio deall Salute Più. The series of videos, through the use of infographics and images, were created to offer a historical view of a brand normally known as a modern tourist complex, which actually began in the Middle Ages as a border town and passing through. These short videos that tell the story of the territory, the origins, the roots of the Village of Health More should have been originally 8 and go up to the present day, but the series published stops at 4, namely 1700.

The technique of infographic animation is very simple and begins with a "historicization" of the logo (which is also the work of Miraloop for Brands, rebranding 2014), placed on an animated background of clay, to evoke a material as old as the history of the place, then continues with images and historical information intersect with each other: a visual communication suitable for the web, for information purposes. The whole series is a useful starting point for narratives that, like this one, do not enjoy original multimedia material.


#history 2- Dai Romani al Medioevo


#history 3- Dal Medioevo al XVI secolo


#history 4- Dal 1700 all'Unita dItalia - La Cittadella del Calanco



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