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il Baskerville: La Rivoluzione (The Revolution) - the video is out now!

Data di pubblicazione 18/11/2020

Abel Mololopo, on his notes, describes him in this way: "il Baskerville sparks, shining like a constellation part of that universe he tells us to disappear from". As a matter of fact, Jacopo Raffaele, also know as il Baskerville, releases the video of his single La Rivoluzione (The Revolution), taken from the album he is currently working on together with the team at Miraloop. In this video, even though the scenes are presented in a very romantic way, it is impossible to ignore the drop of melancholia serving as a background. 

The song 

With La Rivoluzione, the A side of the double single La Rivoluzione/Statistiche (The Revolution/Statistics), we are introduced to a song with a singable melody the does not falls into predicatable armonies; on the contrary, they turn out to be quite refined definitely because of the artist's huge knowledge of cultured music. The arrangements result in what Oratio defined as aurea mediocritas (golden middle way), a perfect balance between an electronic sound and the evergreen one of the acoustic instruments. The lyrics, written with the previous help of Baskerville's lyricists and friend Paolo Bellomo, is filled with literary references that, as stated by the artist during his sofa session at Miraloop's headquarters, are quite recurring in his lyrics and there is where their connotative and sophisticated language comes from. However, references to the pop culture are definitely notleft behind helping the artist to tell his dreams, agonies and passions of a generation who lived its 20s a decade ago. il Baskerville has been perfectly able to tell the distress of this generation, without ever leaving a drop of self-mockery out. Unlike Statistiche, in La Rivoluzione the artist shows us one of his softer sides, distinguished by a pinch of bittersweet sing englobing the missed chance. In fact, the surrender in front of the love story is the one in front of the revolution itself, whether it is internal or external. The producer of the song, Gerolamo Sacco, puts his mark especially in the final break, giving to the song a revolutionary taste using orchestra sample typical of Eastern Europe and cinematographic percussions. As a matter of fact, in doing so, he consciously or unconsciously quotes that political revolution, the subtext of a song that, at the end of the day, tells a love story. 

The video

The video was entirely shot last summer in Bari, by Teku Studio, a new audiovisual production company from Bari. The direction was handled by Daniele Carlone, while Andrea Tarquilio took care of the screenplay. 
The story told is the one of a couple that, during a move, is living a moment of crisis. Actually, the true protagonists are not the two young lovebirds, but the details showing off to the viewer in a completely random way, hiding out their true meaning. As a matter of fact, the very first frame of the video, pictures a book that, among others lying on the floor, is the only one half standing. It is a novel by the Chilean author Roberto Bolaño, called The Spirit of Science Fiction, and it is this same book that acted as the artist's Muse. Also, the "particelle interstellari" (interstellar particles) quoted in the chorus, are the same pictured on the cover of the book that il Baskerville was reading when he was working on the song. Another element that may look like it has been taken out from a shelf randomly, is the vynil of Beatles' Abbey Road (1969). The worldwide famous british band could be defined, as well as an inspiration, as a proper mentor for the development of the artist's musical image, especially during his teenage years. That vynil could be also considered as the representative of the whole '60 and '70 musical universe of which we can find several references in il Baskerville's songs. 
On the other hand, the end of the video, stays quite open leaving to the viewer the chance of drawing his/her own conclusions. The songs' words "senza luce e senza orgasmo", "scomparirò dal tuo universo" ("with no light and no orgasm", "I will disappear from your universe") point out that this love story, which is not entirely clear if has even actually started, cannot exist. As a consequence, a cable stars to rejoin us with our regrets, the lost and missed chances and, therefore, the revolution for which, during our teenage years, were thought we were born for but that eventually, for some reason, we did not do. 

To stream/download La Rivoluzione/Statistiche click HERE!



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