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IFPI Digital Music Report 2014. The digital market is the Market. And it's increasing

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 03/09/2014

This year the Digital Music Report no longer looks like a treatise on sociology, but rather an advertising page for a music magazine. There is euphoria and major figures everywhere. The numbers of certain artists, in fact, are already in the history of music and all fall into the world of the digital market. No one would have ever said: the music market is now global and expanding (!): we have never seen such numbers before.

The penetration of social networks and smartphones brings music consumption to unimaginable levels just a few years ago. It's hard to compete for an indie in such a world, but now the games are those of a new world and, as one page of the magazine says: "Long life the record label". Because of this new world we are only at the beginning. :) Enjoy reading!



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