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IFPI Digital Music Report 2011. The tourning point year

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 09/09/2011

2011 is the year in which digital technology goes from 20 to 29% of the total market. It is a complex year because it will be the "turning point" year.

1) now the governments of individual countries can decide whether or not to have the courage to reverse the trend from illegal to legal, at the cost of being unpopular.
2) is the year in which the music market in general, even the one that does not bill, literally explodes, tenfold the numbers made so far of music listened to
3) is the year in which Facebook definitely kills Myspace, until 2010 the total platform of each music project
4) it is the year in which begins to arrive the streaming audio and video, with the explosion of Youtube and the arrival of Spotify

In fact, 2011 is the year in which the music market literally explodes, as we will understand it in the coming years. And the digital music report focuses mainly on the issue of piracy since, now that the consumption of music becomes an unstoppable phenomenon, something never seen before, the majors will not stay to watch. To give you an overview of our reality, in 2011 the band Insex totaled 25,000 downloads (it would be Silver Disk!) giving away a song and about 200 selling the next one. This is the overview in which we are operating and this is also the year in which the big players start to enter the field, slowly. Now, according to the digital music report, it's up to governments to decide. Enjoy reading!



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