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IFPI Digital Music Report 2010. The Eclipse of the years 2000

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 02/09/2010

A year of records for Miraloop, another year for digital music just arrived on the international market. This year 2010 was characterized by two fundamental issues. The first, which was the first year in which the "new players" showed what they are capable of (see Miraloop just born, capable in his small way of creating trends from nothing) but it was also the year in which the majors decide to enter the market by force. After 2010 the music world will no longer be the same: the internet will be an opportunity more for the big ones than for the small ones. Can't you believe it? :)

"We're much closer to the utopia, where we're extracting €1 out of a million consumers as opposed to €10 out of a thousand. Rob Wells, Senior Vice President, Digital, Universal Music Group International
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