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Honda Civic Version CTCC - Automotive

Data di pubblicazione 06/02/2016


One of the most interesting projects we present in the Miraloop for Brands section dedicated to the services carried out by Miraloop, concerns the frontier of automobile sport design, where the entertainment and ergonomics establish a new perspective on design. This project was put forward by Niccolo Sacco in collaboration with JAS Motorsport, a company specializing in race car engineering and an official partner of Honda Italy. The sport version of Honda Civic was designed and presented at the CTCC championship. The race version of the car was created by the close collaboration of the design and engineering departments of the company throughout the whole project. The character of the undertaking was both of esthetic and engineering nature: starting from the original plans the works were done on the front and rear car body in regards to the parameters of regulation, aerodynamics, and the construction feasibility. The car clearly stood out at CTCC championships filling us with pride and joy. Now we’d like to present the gallery of the project and the video clip about the car.




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