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Hiro Barber Shop, a barber shop from Milan & Miraloop. The beginning of a case study

Data di pubblicazione 25/08/2015

Professionals become artists - The case study Hiro Barber Shop 2014-2015

In 2014 Hiroshi Vitanza, for several years owner of Hiro Barber Shop in Milan, hires Miraloop for the brand implementation of barbershop products inspired by Miraloop Hearts pop esthetics. The result was, thanks to the excellent marketing work of Alberto Di Mase, the opening of a brand with around 100 retailers in 21 countries. The operation was complemented by a social campaign that increased the number of registrations on Facebook from 560 (July 2014) to 96,000 (April 2015): 8 months of campaign. All this thanks to a massive personal branding and the elaboration of photographs that showed the "before/after" of clients in the shop. Shortly afterwards, the phone rings: Vodafone will realize a new campaign that has as its protagonist the barber in his Hiro Barber Shop, in Buccinasco.




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