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Hearts. Diamonds. Clubs. Spades. POKER ;)

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 15/12/2017

December 15th 2017.

2017 but in particular december will be a revolutionary month for Miraloop. For 8 years you've seen 4 record labels orbit around our world. Hearts: the label of the heart, mainstream rock, electropop, the label of the songs, the label of the emotion. Diamonds: the label of the earth, of the gold, of the richness, of classical and contemporary music, roots of our very own culture. Clubs, the label of the fire, dedicated to the Djs, to EDM music, clubbing and partying. Spades: the "airy", intellectual label, the experimental label, first independent label dedicated to italian and international electronic music.

From now on all of this will be grouped in one hub, one new website. 9 years after the first release Miraloop Records will be born. Miraloop will have a website dedicated to the multimedia. On the other hand Miraloop Records will focus exclusively on the music, painting a new scenary of the italian (and international too) music industry: we are talking about a reality able to expand in every music direction, in which the 4 labels are 4 different kind of audiences instead of just being 4 different music genres. 

Miraloop Records, with its 4 record labels all together, boasts: 140 artistic projects, 1000 tracks, 50.000 records sold in its forst 7 years of activity (2009-2016). You can listen to the entire catalogue on Radio Miraloop, the web radio of Miraloop, which will have a web page dedicated to it.

We want you to listen and enjoy what is the result of a hard work made with great passion. You: the curious, the supporters, the fans, the friends, the family, deserve to have an "online" world to have fun with.

Welcome on the new MIRALOOP RECORDS website.

In 2018 we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Miraloop with a lot of amazing surprises. Keep on following us!



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