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Gerolandia Express Season 1 by Silvia

Di staff
Data di pubblicazione 27/03/2011

One day I discover podcast’s world, web radio uploading transmission. Each consumer has absolutely replaced this system to the traditional broadcasting, the radio transmission via etere and on line. The main difference is basicly that a podcast have no constraints in listeners and timing as in that traditional “on air” transmission.The podcast’s world esplode, as common, in the States, where I found the most attractive shows and the most followed djs. But now I met an homemade podcast that is just born.

The name Gerolandia Express, is a linguistic  trick based on the name of the creators, Gerolamo Sacco. It made me curious , and after the first lintening I realized it have began an internation cult made by an Italian, but most of all it hides more than it appears on the surface.

Gerolandia Express is a train. Getting on a train, a real or an imaginary one, everyone has a feeling of curiosity, a wish of comunication, a wish of travelling. In this train you are involving in your little world, but your world belongs to a big reality that you share with other people.

Try to imagine how this train could be if it would be part of a larger system in which there are contents generated by users. Infact the most distintive feature is the consumers’ active cooperation:  Many fans have already sent their vocal samples from all the world, in several languages to Gerolamo Sacco who is the real driver of the train.

The unusual cooperaters have played the role of ticket inspectors or entranced passengers watching the beauties out of the window. This vocals support the musical stream thanks to the Gerolamo Sacco’s mixing. He blends original tracks with this users genereted contents, with a litle bit of ironic.

This stream has a reference in dance music broadcasting but, in this case the loss of pauses is a part of the project. It’s all part of the same language: announcements, Mantis Le Sin’s off voice, are inseparable to the musical contents. A total envolvement without stops. The no sleeping coach leeping cari s the place of the train where Perfino la “carrozza notturna”, la no sleeping coach, where you can listen “classic rock” that is one of the clou stages of the show.

In the train there are other two stages. The restaurant coach and Track of the week.The first situation is too soft, the songs are ironics.  Track of the week is the last act of the show it picks every week  a final track.

This is the first time in the podcasting’ s history and in general in the radio transmission that there is this innovation.

Always in the radio shows tradition an artist who played his songs was limited by a unique musical genre. In Gerolandia Express there is a huge musical context which goes from elettropop and melodic tracks to pure sounds rythms always different each other

The podcast is completely interactive and available in every moment. Everyone can listen to it, taking that train just for one stop.

The email adress where users can send their vocal samples, is linked on, the website where the first chapter of the show has been uploaded. I heard samples in english, german, japanese, spanish and many more languages.

I haven’t told  you what is the final destination of the train. Gerolandia is the last stop and it’s an unknowed land. Someone tells that there is a more complex concept behind it.

Now the train have leaved. This is the Gerolamo Sacco’s bet.

The main voice of the show is the hot voice of Mantis Le Sin, the singer of band in which gerolamo Sacco is composer, keyboarder and producer.

The train of Gerolandia Express can be compared to a carousel like the ones in the playgrounds; a world made by voices, sounds and colours. Such as a kid who receives a toy for the first time.

By Silvia Cinti


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