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Gerolamo Sacco - La prima estate del mondo 2020 - Videoclip

Data di pubblicazione 22/06/2020


This video clip, shot for the new 2020 version of the song "La prima estate de lmondo", begins in deep space. Made halfway between pictorial, photographic and evocative, it recovers a certain mood of contemporary science fiction, tells the story of the song. Realized in Miraloop studios together with Niccolò Sacco, Maria Luisa "Lulù" Brunori and Natalie Seveso. A spaceship is ploughing through infinity when at a certain point its passenger wakes up. He looks around, and from the ship's window he sees a light: something appears in the darkness. We are in the history of the New Worlds, the record from which the single is extracted, a long space journey between dream and reality, and the protagonist for the first time sees the possibility of landing on a new planet. Imagining the summer, he conducts an imaginary orchestra, he dreams. In that same instant, on Earth, a person seems to be able to see him or her from afar and a connection is created between the two of them, between the summer of our dreams in this difficult year and the one that the protagonist imagines, in his journey that yearns for infinity.



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