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Gerolamo Sacco - Batman & Bugo: the Videoclip

Data di pubblicazione 21/09/2020

After the long journey through space told in "Mondi Nuovi" (New Worlds), it looks like Gerolamo landed on Earth, in Italy in 2020. There are two super heroes: a classic one, Batman; and another a more modern one, the singer Bugo. The two act as framework to a story that arises on the rooftops of a very noir, funny and romantic Bologna, on the wave of the recent historical events. 

The song

After the first round of trumpets (careful: it never fades away), the story promptly begins. He is waiting for a girl outside her house and, after they met, they decide to climb up to the roof. She is gorgeous, he is extravagant and he reminds her of Batman who is gentle and has "noble values"; but, at the same time, he needs to expose himself in an eclectic and lively manner such as logos on the sky and galactic hypercars: just like the DC Comics superhero. Something clicks between the two while he realises that feelings can't be kept under control. The verse "ci si rivede, stammi bene, fa un saluto a casa" ("I'll see you, take care and say hi to everyone at home") refers to the heart walking away, to the eternal fight between sense and sensibility. It means letting that anything that needs to happen within ourselves to unfold. That is why we all have, within ourselves, anything we need, even if we have some wounds, and even if the outisde world wants to tell us a different story. The tale that the singer was trying to tell back at the time, was the one of the singer Bugo during the Sanremo Festival. The artist, in fact, suddently disappears ("Che succede? Dov'è Bugo?" - "What's going on? Where's Bugo?") and cities get empty. Therefore, Bugo becomes a symbol, a superhero like Batman. Roofs get rainbow coloured but Gerolamo has an "arsenale ritmico sottoterra nel garage" ("rhythmic armoury in his underground carport"), so.... it's time to dance! 

The finale it's a huge surprise: the featuring with the singer-songwriter Devon Miles, friend and colleague of Gerolamo who made himself known by being Jovanotti's opening act in 2019. Him, with catchy English lines and a blinking eye to Jamaica ("life is a thing we nuh make it up") introduces the last round of orchestra. While Gerolamo tells an ongoing story, Devon tells a story that has already ended ("curtains closed, so let it be") but, with the same resilient spirit, he announces: we are taking off again, just put your fear aside. We all are special and we have anything we need within ourselves. 

The Video

The video narrates the story told by the song through the gazes and movements of the two performers. Firstly, there is Gerolamo, author and singer; then, there is Devon Miles, giving his performance during the final special, right before the last round of trumpets. The two artists dance, sing and get emotional in a visual jubilation inspired by comics, detective stories and television. Together with some typical references to the 50s and 60s cinema, that used to wink to the America of comics and superheroes, it also takes as stimulus the direction of the very first editions of the Sanremo Festival - a national competion of the Italian song between the best singers in the country - with those optical movements, very dear to entire generations of fans of the show. However, the video needs to be considered as a work of its own. In fact, it does present, with no hesitation between a tracking shot and another, a free interpretation of the song. The mind behind the video is Niccolò Sacco, brother and associate of Gerolamo, also head of the visual production team of Miraloop's studios, who was able to reproduce a whole world by using only his own fantasy, and consecuently projects it inside the song's story. It starts with a big city, skyscrapers standing among the clouds, endless lifts and vintage references; the show is made by the two singers and their coreographies and jazz bands from the first untill the last frame, without leaving you with a second to breathe. If you could just take a director from the 60s and provide him with a modern film studio, you would get as a result the story of Batman&Bugo: to be enjoyed all in one shot, just like the song. 

Let the artists speak! 


I've always tried to find the resources to overcome troubling moments for my inner self. That is life, you need resources. I had just been through a very complicated moment, and then suddenly this melody came to me and I just could't get it out of my head. "I dive myself into your world and my heart walks away". I didn't understand what was going on, then I realised that it was that melody telling my story in that moment, there was no connection with reality whatsoever. I seized the moment and, for the first time ever, I wrote a song about what was actually happening to me in that moment. The roofs, Batman, Bugo... and you should take a look at the carport!
Once I finished the song I couldn't stop dancing to it for two days. Let's just say that this song changed my perspective on many aspects of my life, and if it has even just little bit of the same effect on you... then you're going to have a lot of fun!


Since I first heard it I fell in love with the song. The groove... the trumpets! There was something mystical about it but, at the same time, it was also real. Also, Gerolamo's vocal line took me to another world. I've known Gerolamo for a very long time (do you want me to say how many years precisely? Well, let's say eight...) and I've always be passionate about his music; therefore making a song with him is always an adventure, because you never know what you'll get as a result. I'd say that this is a very crazy and weird moment for everyone and being able to tell it in a funny way is truly a gift. In this absourd situation that we are all living we can be Batman, we can be Bugo, it's up to us. Anyway, just listen to the song in any way you like: with your headphones on, on your speaker, or even maybe while you're taking a walk, in your own bedroom, in your car or even on a rooftop just like in the song... in anyway you like, really ahah! And I really hope that you'll have as much fun as we did it! 


Don't forget to stream or download the song here!!!



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