• Free pop, electropop, rock best music streaming! Why Spotify? Because it’s clear, it is easily accessible and it’s an expanding platform. On our Spotify profile you can connect with other users, create playlists for free and find all the music in the catalogue of Miraloop Hearts, in particular:

    • Moody playlists (created based on a specific mood connected to the music or to a particular occasion), such as Chillin In Another World and Future Is Magic
    • Playlists of Miraloop Hearts genres: Electro Pop- Dance Oriented, Electro Pop-Italian Songs, Electro-Pop Smooth&Sweet and Electro Rock
    • Specific playlists of the best tracks of individual artists, such as Crystal Crash and Nearco, and one playlist dedicated to the best single tracks by Gerolamo Sacco
    • A playlist exclusively dedicated to the Renaissance Saga by Gerolamo Sacco, containing the 1, 2 and 3 EPs
    • Playlists of catalogue albums, as Follia Quitidiana by Borz or La Percezione Del Nero by Fata

    Here some reasons why following MIRALOOPHEARTSOFFICIAL on Spotify:

    • The releases produced by Miraloop Hearts were placed in the Beatport Top 100, including not one but four geners (Electronica, Pop-Rock, Dubstep, Progressive House)! Two albums of Gerolamo Sacco, Festival and Alien, placed, respectively nº14 and nº29 in the Top100 Albums Italian iTunes chart (which includes all genres). So it’s worth discovering this catalogue! 
    • Miraloop Hearts division produces very different sub-genres, ranging from electro pop oriented to dance, to one more “smooth & sweet”, really something for everyone!
    • Through the Spotify platform you can freely listen to the entire catalogue, to constantly updating playlists and sharing Hearts music with your friends on Spotify or on other social networks. You can also create your own playlist including our catalogue tracks or follow your favorite Miraloop artist