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Free Cinematic Music, Concrete-Electro Acoustic Music, Classical and Contemporary Music on Spotify! Diamonds Streaming

Di Staff
Data di pubblicazione 13/05/2016

Why Spotify? Because it’s clear, it is easily accessible and it’s an expanding platform. On our Spotify profile you can connect with other users, create playlists for free and find all the music in the catalogue of Miraloop Diamonds, in particular:

  • The playlists of Miraloop Diamonds’ genres: Cinematic Music, Concrete-Electro Acoustic Music, Classical and Contemporary Music and Music and Lyrics
  • A playlist dedicated to the best single tracks from various artists, such as Andrea Sarto and Paolo Ingrosso
  • The playlists of catalogue albums, such as Sognare Part II by DeLord and Ultimo Mozart by Ivana Busu

Here some reasons why following MIRALOOPDIAMONDSOFFICIAL on Spotify:

  • Leo Sestili’s album Tides reached the third place in the iTunes Italian Classic chart, a high achievement for a classical music label.
  • Miraloop Diamonds catalogue also hosts a great artist, Christian Carlino aka DeLord, defined a “writer of dreams”, who offers its light melodies on the piano, drawing suggestive scenes and stories of young abstract and futuristic love stories, you must listen to his melodies on Spotify! J
  • The Diamonds division doesn’t deal with classical music only, but it has also specialized in more “cinematographic” productions, such as those of Leo Sestili and DeLord, and the label also produces releases of electro acoustic, contemporary and theatrical music.
  • Through the Spotify platform you can freely listen to the entire catalogue, to constantly updating playlists and sharing Diamonds music with your friends on Spotify or on other social networks. You can also create your own playlist including our catalogue tracks or follow your favourite Miraloop artists




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