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Exhibition Stand Construction: Visirun for Transpotec

Data di pubblicazione 26/02/2017


The Transpotec Fair took place in Verona: the Transport and Logistics Exhibition. Engaged in this creative project Miraloop For Brands has managed to create a visual communication area by creating a prestigious and comfortable stand. But also thanks to Arredart's executive and technical project everything has been made possible, in fact it is a work that encompasses design and architecture that is welcoming to the eyes of visitors, an exhibition stand project consisting of an open surface on three sides where we find on the central wall projections of graphic images that immediately attract the curious eye of the passerby. In addition, the side columns are enveloped by LED panels in which images are transmitted containing the visual explanation of what Visirun is capable of. But that's not all, in order to welcome visitors in style, two round tables were inserted with computers through which the visitor could view the practical demonstration of the software, adorned with plants to make the environment even more comfortable. Finally, on the upper part of the ceiling we can see the arrangement of two LED graphics panels where the Visirun logo is displayed. With simplicity and elegance Miraloop was able to design and communicate the key points of the software through a refined and stylish creativity. 

The design of this exhibition stand is all about visitor inclusiveness. An area open on three sides with a large scenic wall with a cinematic effect made of LED panels that surrounds the glass display cases containing the hardware part of the product: the control units, the heart of Visirun. In the centre are two round tables, with computers for viewing and practical demonstration of the software, decorated with plants to make the environment more welcoming. Technology marries the environment and nature. Finally, in the front part, as an entrance, two columns are arranged, also in Led, where the information video and technical features rotate around the parallelepiped, creating a pleasant "mirror" effect that also recalls the windows of skyscrapers with a view. Everything is simplified and essential, like the design philosophy of the Visirun software, which makes ease of use and performance its essential points.

We want to present you a 3D gallery that we have created, take a look!



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