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Elyca Effect: Terme di Bologna from 22 to 100 thousand Facebook registrations in a year: +454%

Data di pubblicazione 22/12/2014

23 October 2013 – 15 December 2014. Facebook subscriptions rocket +545% in one year. The total number is 98.524. We’re writing this article right now to talk numbers, to show you a real case study. In 2014 Elyca, Miraloop’s web agency, was able to achieve something extraordinary. Let’s see how.

The task was to maximize the social media activity as much as possible, using two Miraloop’s much nourished characteristics: the force of imagery and the social media-penetration capacity. Even though used to the world where the supply-offer relationship is disadvantageous compared to other fields, we accepted the challenge. Essepiene group is known for being very focused on the sanitary – it’s working on the management of five National Health Service-accredited hot springs in Bologna. We focused on the young, working mostly on those aspects which did not depend on bookings made through the NHS.

We’ve pictured the Hot Springs as a place to live, like in the Northern and Eastern Europe’s tradition. This strategy was aided by some images, with an effect of being able to create communities which, in consequence, had an impact on the entry numbers and sold services, but we’ll talk about that in another article. Now let’s see what the numbers say on Facebook.

We’ve created a Facebook page for every hot springs establishment, giving each a different character. With Villaggio della Salute Piu we allowed more liberty, as its internal Aquapark functions mostly in the entertainment domain. With this establishment we had the biggest success, titled as a Case Study of 2014 by Facebook. However, other numbers, taking the popularity of other centers into account, are not worse. Let’s us show you one by one.

Total: 98572
Precedent: 22647
Facebook site typology: organic
Time: 1 year e 53 days

Facebook page: Terme San Petronio
Created by Elyca. From 0 ---> 3197 subscriptions

Facebook page: Terme San Luca
Created by Elyca. From 0 ---> 7165 subscriptions

Facebook page: Acquabios
Created by Elyca. From 0 ---> 2123 subscriptions

Facebook page: Terme Felsinee
Created by Elyca. From 0 ---> 4637 subscriptions

Facebook page: Oasi di Zello
Created by Elyca. From 0 ---> 2670 subscriptions

Facebook page: Terme dell'Agriturismo
Created by Elyca. From 0 ---> 5516 subscriptions

Facebook page: Agriturismo Ristorante Sillaro
Created by Elyca. From 0 ---> 712 subscriptions

Facebook page: Mare Termale Bolognese
Already exsiting. From 5627 ---> 6474 subscriptions

Facebook page: Villaggio della Salute Più
Already existing. From 16.982 ---> 68.023 subscriptions

Facebook page: Villaggio della Salute Più - Acquapark
Created by Elyca. From 0 ---> 20.677 subscriptions

We’re very satisfied with these numbers and we’re proud of having helped this important entity in our city of Bologna.



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