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ElectroPop is Fluo

Di Lorenzo Traggiai
Data di pubblicazione 02/02/2015

If I say POP, what images come to mind today? Are you thinking about pedestrian crossings in 1960s London? If you let yourself go for a moment it will seem impossible to think of pop music without referring, inevitably, to images. To the icons/mains that the word "Pop" whispers in your ear.
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I mean, "Can you think of Madonna, the undisputed emblem of temptation and temptation, without being crossed by the image of a sharp bra that you will never have the courage to wear?
I did it, I wore it. I tried to put myself in the shoes of a pop icon to understand what pop music meant to me today, I did it in a dream. And do you know what was the color of the dream? Fluorescent pink. I was slipping into sparkling cylinders and coming out dressed in feathers... But the music that went through that moment was not Like a Virgin, or simply Who's That Girl, they were metallic notes played by a piano that was sometimes almost imperceptible.
I melted a genre. I multiplied the possibilities. The warm rhythm of the notes became incandescent, fluorescent, electric.



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