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Discovering Miraloop Radio: The Progressive Suite

Data di pubblicazione 07/02/2021

Introduced in 2008, Radio Miraloop is our raw diamond, the trump card of the four labels branded Miraloop Records where you can listen to more than 1000 songs round-the-clock!
But what is it that you can actually find in Miraloop's radio schedule? Streaming nonstop music, our radio offers a huge quantity of different programs covering different music genres from cinema soundtracks, to pop, rock, electronic and classical music from both national and international artists! And do you know what's even better? You will listen to songs entirely made by Miraloop Records!

Today we want to introduce you to The Progressive Suite, Radio Miraloop's selection dedicated to night lovers who love being lulled by techno and progressive house beats. On air every day from 10PM to 11PM. 

The idea behind The Progressive Suite is to never miss the right beat that allows night lovers to let go without fear, nortured by darkness. In this playlist, entirely made in Miraloop, you will have the opportunity to feed your ears with our new proposals for the independent music industry: Miraloop Records Spades and Clubs. Let yourself be rolled up by our progressive house selection with club nuances, that’s for sure, but also with a greater intellectual depth. While listening to this collection, you will get lost between millions of different rhythms, be constantly surprised by the next proposal and you will be able to abandon yourself to all pleasures of the night. Especially in a time like this, where nightclubs are not accessible, The Progressive Suite allows you to create the perfect dimension inside your home to take your head off with all its techno and house ingredients that usually make you move so much when you are on the dance floor. Moreover, with its alternation of both progressive and melodic rhythms, it is the perfect collection for all techno and house lovers... but not only!

You will find strong influences in all the orchestral instruments coming from trance music, together with atmospheric sounds and the inevitable synths without affecting its decidedly less aggressive beats, typical of this type of house music subgenres. The trend of the pieces you will listen to is quite particular; in fact, the songs have as their fulcrum a linear frequency with chords that are repeated in a progressive way. During this transformation, the effects of percussion and synthesizers create an accurate and full background music able to completely abduct the ear of the listener allowing him to get lost in the depths of his mind. Also, be prepared to explore sounds in which the lines will mix and confuse continuously between styles and sounds so different that Beatport had to enclose them in the melodic house & techno category.

Let your mind expand, change shape, and get lost in the maze of these complex sonic constructions as you prepare for what may be the best night of your life.

If you like The Progressive Suite's selection do not forget to follow Miraloop Records - Spades and Clubs on our Facebook and Youtube channels where you can enjoy the entire catalog song after song, in a large music collection.



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