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Dakang: a great story demands a great video! The new video of Dakang is out now!

Data di pubblicazione 11/10/2020

Autumn has definitely come! Chestnuts falling from trees, chimneys panting towards the sky and it is obvious that winter is coming! And if you are feeling nostalgic of the warm summer vibes, don't worry because we have the perfect solution for you! Let us take you back to a warm, sunny and relaxing atmosphere. If you are wondering how this can in any way be possible (especially if we consider the global pandemic spreading all over around us), let us be honest and say that the credit is not ours to take. 

The new videoclip of the brand new debut single Dakang by Rakonto is out now! It will make you feel that African bug everybody always talks about, except for the fact that it is entirely made in Italy. Shot between Fano and Recanati, in the region of Marche, it takes us from an olive tree grove typical of the Marches to the castel, then it drags us on the beach of Fano, where we can enjoy a mesmerising sunset together with the parformers. The narrative theme is the meeting between the four mixing their culture and inner world in a completely new and unique dimension. 

The etnic quartet is formed by Anissa Guizzi who accompanies the melody not only with her delicate voice, but also with the sweet notes of the flute. Devon Miles adds some delicate but groovy electric guitars notes, while Jabel Kanuteh enchants the ear with the unknown but sweet sound of the Kora and of his own voice. Last but not least, is Francesco Savoretti who took care of the folkloristic and lively percussions. These four perfectly represent an impeccable cultural ensable with ingredients from Nigeria, Gambia, Italy and Algeria. The song, written by Jabel Kanuteh is "a hymn to life and cultures told through music", as told by Devon himself on his Twitter account, where it's "the music speaking on behalf of everyone".  

The song, written both in Italian and Mandinka, finds its meaning in its title. In fact, the word "dakang", in Mandinka language, actually reveals the celebration of life and different cultures because it is hugely important to honour their diversity and uniqueness. The song is a shout out to the respect of difference among cultures, together with a warm invitation to think about the human ability to go on no matter what. In such dark and unsure times, deepened by the agony of social distancing, Dakang will gift you with a few minutes without a care in the world. Through its video, you will hope to be able to play all together again very soon, or just to enjoy a breathtaking sunset on a beach in the middle of nowhere. 

Thank you once again to these amazing four artists who made impossible for the listener to just stay still while listening to their song! 

And to you who are reading this, if you still don't have a clear idea of what we are talking about, just go and watch the new DAKANG video to find out! You can even check the lyrics below!! 

P.s. In case you are already travelling with your mind somewhere in the world and want to enjoy this song anytime, don't forget to download it, buy it or stream it here!!  

Ndakangwoo, Ntehsing Ndakangkeh.
Ndakangleh Ntehsing Ndakangkeh.

doluu nben nanilaa.
dolibeh jelelanfeh.
doluu beng njawuyalaa. dolibeh tulunanfeh.
Teh dunbeng ndakangna.

Yeeee yeeeeeeeeeehhhhh
Eyeeheyeee jonbening edakangneh
Yeeeee yeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh
Eyeeheyeee Ntehsing Ndakangkee

Quando la vita dice no guarda avanti,
Un sorriso che diventa libertà,
Volti della gente
Che vivono per sempre.

Meningbeh mofalah fenmanfoladee.
Meningbeh motinyala fenmanfoladeh.
Nteh benna jalliyala eko ebedofowolah.
Nko yentung Ndakangbuluuu!

Yeeee yeeeeeeeeeehhhhh
Eyeeheyeee jonbening edakangneh
Yeeeee yeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh
Eyeeheyeee Ntehsing Ndakangkee
I live my life
and some applaud me, others hate me and try to destroy me instead,
everyone has his life. 
I don't listen to those who want to destroy me
I always try to keep on going with my life. 
When life says no keep looking forward,
a small that becomes truth,
people's faces 
living forever
You have nothing to say to those who kill people
and to those who have no respect for humanity, 
but you have something to say to me that I'm just doing my music
and I can make people happy with it.
But that is the way I am.
I live my life.



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