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Cube by Portera n.52 Top 200 All Genres | n.2 Top 200 Classical | iTunes Austria

Data di pubblicazione 26/04/2018

Miraloop Diamonds, the classical/contemporary record label of Miraloop, thanks to a great promotion, sees its first release ever, Cube by Portera (2008), ranking #2 on iTunes Top 200 Classical chart with Mozart, and #52 on the Top 200 All Genres chart. Cube is an important record first of all because it's the first record published by our classical label, second of all because of its golden content: this record has been performed by the Tokyo Philarmonic Orchestra and recorded at the Tokyo Opera City Hall. A valuable record in which the composer from Tuscany tells the evolution of life using the metaphore of the dice. Every track is a period of life: Birth, Childhood, Adolescence, Adult Age, Senility and Death.

We wanto to make this brand more powerful, because Miraloop Diamonds has been the first classical record label of the digital era and it deserves more recognition. Congratulations Andrea Portera for this masterpiece! 

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