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Crystal Crash. Firenze-Bologna, love at first listening!

Di Giulia D'amato
Data di pubblicazione 24/11/2014

What happens when you perform live in Florence (not only) and you meet two Bolognan brothers looking for new musical frontiers (believing in themselves so much that they established an independent record label), just like you? We asked this question to Crystal Crash, an emerging Florentine band, which has just released the or first single: Panic Attack. Who are Crystal Crash. They’re Yaser Ramadan (vocals), Fabio (guitar), Marco (keyboards), Niccolò (drums), and Tommaso (bass).

We know you define yourselves as electroclash. Could you save everyone the burden of typing that in Wikipedia and tell us what it actually is?

CRYSTAL CRASH: In few words: a genre which unites the sounds of electronic music from the ‘80s with the more modern dance, so the main role is played by synthesizers, samples, drum machine, vocoders, and so on. Obviously, the aim of our music is to make you dance.

You’re talking about synthesizers, drum machines, and samples. How do you get those sounds live with the classic rock formation?

CRYSTAL CRASH: Our philosophy is to play everything without base, that’s why we’re using pedals, workstation, and synths. As you can notice, our keyboardist pilots a spaceship in each concert! Later, when we record in the studio, everything gets much easier and we can indulge in the sounds profoundly, and that’s when Miraloop is essential.

Speaking of Miraloop, Panic Attack - your first single was produced by them. How did your collaboration begin?

CRYSTAL CRASH: It was love at first sight! Jokes aside, it was quite natural, given that our genre is on point when it comes to the Miraloop Hearts’ target. In fact they instantly fell in love with our songs and we don’t have any doubts about them, because we share the same musical vision. However, we have to say that because of our bond to rock soul and the desire to make electronic music, captured perfectly by Panic Attack, the single demanded much more work than you could think.

Now, let’s talk about the topic that touches you directly, taking the events concerning your ex- singer Tommaso Pini (first vocalist of Crystal Crash, who arrived at the final of “The Voice IT 2014”) into account: what do you think about Talent Shows?

CRYSTAL CRASH: Overlooking the already heated discussion about talents as TV programs, for sure you can’t condemn the young people who participate in them, it’s understandable they want to use the opportunity of being seen by a vast public, which you can get only through TV. We’re only sorry that there was no opportunity to participate as a band. But, let’s not forget that those programs are only showcases. Once they’re finished the artists have to prove themselves and their music to really gain value, and things don’t always go so smoothly in this world.

As we’re already about it, it’s known that a vocalist is a band’s soul. How did yours change with Yaser?

CRYSTAL CRASH: After splitting with Tommaso we thought about looking for a female voice, seeing that some of our songs, like Panic Attack, call for a falsetto usually unreachable for a man. Fortunately, our worries disappeared as soon as we heard Yaser. As you’ll hear from the next single, he also brought some funk into Crystal Crash.

Let’s close the interview in a sunny mood: tell us some funny anecdote about the band!

CRYSTAL CRASH: (Yaser talking) You have to know that our keyboardist sleeps with a recorder under his pillow, the reason being sometimes he dreams up parts of songs, and afraid of forgetting them he records everything right away. Everything to the delight of his neighbors. Some of our songs were born from his nightmares!

Nothing more to add guys – goodnight!

Giulia D’Amato




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