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Can't Stop Craving #65 Dance-Pop | iTunes Italy

Data di pubblicazione 10/07/2018

A few days after the release, the single that sees together four personalities from the world of Miraloop Hearts together under the brand of the label is on the charts in the pop-dance section of iTunes. Under the Miraloop Hearts brand we find four characters: Gerolamo, the head of Miraloop's production, Laigor, the dj/producer who started his adventure with Destination together with Virginia, Moira, who sang several songs by Gerolamo and Devon, who has his own solo project in Miraloop. Together they met at the Miraloop party and, like the previous year, they ended up in the studio at night making a record together. The result is Can't Stop Craving, an incredible exploit between pop and deep house with different styles and different musical cultures mixed together. The beat, worked by Gerolamo and Laigor, the vocal part sees in order Devon, in the new version of rapper, Gerolamo, who sings a dark bridge full of magic, and Moira who is entrusted with the refrain from warm notes and colorful blues. All three participate in the refrain that launches the refrain. A collector's disc that photographs a special moment of four musicians united by Miraloop under a single original and free musical world.



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