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Britney Spears by Senatore Cirenga #7 Alternatives and #116 All Genres on iTunes

Data di pubblicazione 14/03/2019

Senator Cirenga, with a second single that announces the debut album, is positioned at the top of the alternative chart of iTunes and precisely at the number 7 and 116 in the All Genres chart. The tradition of the Senator "more indie among the indies" is confirmed: it's the only independent production of the indie/alternative chart of iTunes. Produced and created in Miraloop studios, "Ha vinto Britney Spears" is a bitter criticism of the abandonment of our musical roots, an ironic call to arms for Italian artists who too often have passively accepted a format made in use-and-throw. The captivating rhythm and amusing melody do the rest, finding the approval of the listeners.




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