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Breath - A small bed to relax - Industrial Design

Data di pubblicazione 10/09/2013


Breath is a small, relax-oriented bed born from a very simple, yet original concept: rocking by your breath. We all know that a good relaxation depends greatly on our breath control, and that’s why Breath was designed in a way that lets your own breathing cradle you. At first your breath is controlled, but with time it gradually becomes constant and rhythmical during the state of profound relax.

To use this object most efficiently, it’s necessary to let another person help you with balancing the adjustable weights situated along the bed’s frame and which are covered with rubber that allows them to stop at the chromed metal part. The two arcs are the bed’s main elements and the linchpin in the center allows adjusting the balance and rotation. Two elastic cables soften the oscillation up to the cushion with the function of adjustable height – all made in order to give you a perfect balance.



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